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UniFi Racing Partners

UniFi Racing is supported by companies across the motorsport industry to help deliver this unique competition. Find out more about them here



Roborace have developed the worlds first autonomous racing car and UniFi are delighted that they have agreed to support this years UniFi Racing competition with the supply of CAD for their innovative Robocar which the students will be developing. Find out more at 


TotalSim are the leading motorsport CFD consultancy. Working over many years not only in F1 but also in WEC, GT, cycling etc. They provide UniFi Racing students with access to their state of the art browser based CFD software called Bramble. Find out more at 

TotalSim Logo.png

Racecar Engineering


Racecar Engineering is the leading magazine and online resource for everything technical in the world of motorsport. Covering all areas of motorsport and every technical aspect. Racecar are working with UniFi to promote the project to the widest possible audience Find out more at 

Virtual Reality Racing Club 

VRRC are a race car simulator company, building simulators for professional racing drivers, the corporate market and sim racing. All simulators are based on Oculus Rift VR headsets to give the most immersive simulator experience possible. Each team entering into UniFi Racing will have the opportunity to race against other teams at end of season event. 

Find out more at

VRRC complete.jpg

Hoot Product Design


Hoot Product Design are an experienced product design and animation company based in Gloucestershire. They are supporting UniFi Racing with CAD and rendering services. Find out more at 

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