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Tim Milne has been designing race cars and developing Aero performance for over 15 years. With extensive experience and contacts throughout the industry, UniFi can support any of your Aero Development requirements. 

In CFD we can model anything from small models to understand local flow issues, up to 100+ million cell full car models running in transient flow and curved domain to get a full picture of your race car performance, bringing Formula One development experience to your project.

If wind tunnel testing is the best way to develop your project, we have experience of working in a range of customer facilities throughout the UK and Europe. We can advise you of the benefits of investing in a wind tunnel programme in addition to a focused CFD programme and ensure that we put together the most efficient programme possible to meet your objectives at a budget that is appropriate.

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Find out what some of the industries leading engineers have to say about UniFi Consulting and it's owner Tim Milne.

mark Smith.jpg

"I have known Tim since I joined the Caterham F1 team (nee Lotus Racing) in May of 2011.

Tim was a key member of the Aerodynamics department in his role as Deputy Head of Aerodynamics.  He is an extremely good 'all rounder' and has an outstanding flair for both creative and analytical aerodynamics.  However in addition to those core skills he has significant strengths in terms of organisation of all resources ensuring that at all times an organisation is getting the best from its kit of tools.

Tim is professional, reasonable and reliable and at all times a good team player.  He was a well respected member of the technical management team at Caterham F1."

Mark Smith

John Iley.png

"I have known and worked with Tim in F1 aerodynamic development in two teams, starting over ten years ago.  He progressed through the experimental ranks to a more managerial role with key strengths in organisation, technical partnerships, planning and project management putting his aero and technical experience to best use."

John Iley


"I worked closely with Tim in my role as Deputy Technical Director at Team Lotus F1 in 2010 and 2011. In his role as Deputy Head of Aerodynamics, Tim was instrumental in the formation of the Aerodynamics department in the very earliest days of this new team. Prior to the arrival of the Head of Aerodynamics at the team, Tim was responsible for delivering aerodynamic performance upgrades quickly to the race car at the same time as recruiting personnel, establishing working practices and procedures, and improving the aerodynamic tools available to the department. On top of that he was responsible to prepare all inquiries, regarding aerodynamics for the FIA technical department and thus he played an important role in the strategy behind the development of our race car. Tim balanced this varied range of responsibilities well. Following the arrival of the Head of Aerodynamics, Tim continued to play a vital role in the evolution of the Aerodynamics department both on a technical and a management level."

Dieter Gass


"Tim has been one of the most successful Aero Group Leaders of our F1 era. His ability to deliver aero efficiency improvements at the track was obviously resulting from the combination of ‘out of the box’ creative thinking and a very structured experimental approach. We believe that Tim can be a decisive contributor to any organization racing in an aero dominated series."

Pascal Vasselon

mark gillan.jpg

"As a Group Leader of the Aerodynamics Department at Toyota's F1 Team, Tim was a vital member of the core development team.  In my role as Toyota's Head of Aerodynamics I was extremely pleased with Tim's technical contributions to the overall programme and he provided significant direction in specific key aerodynamic concepts, such as the double/triple diffuser designs, which helped dramatically improve the competitiveness of the car."

Mark Gillan


"Tim has a wealth of experience in F1 aerodynamic development, and played an important role in the technical development of Toyota’s Formula 1 cars. During our time working together, Tim had a talent for exploiting regulatory loopholes and for achieving ambitious performance targets – Tim had an enviable record of delivering performance"

Jason Somerville


"Tim was the ideal person to head up the Aerodynamics department at Manor F1. He understands the complete aerodynamic design and development process. He has a wealth of experience and knows how to get the best performance out of the resources he has available. He also has a clear vision of how to further develop the aerodynamic design and development processes. Tim was central to Manor F1 being able to punch above it's weight"

John McQuilliam

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