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UniFi Racing 2018/19

Roborace CAD.png

The UniFi Racing Competition for 2018/19 has evolved. Find out more about the exciting changes below


  • Sign up anytime until 31st March 2019

  • Competition concludes in June 2019 with an end of season networking event

  • Students can enter as individuals or as teams at any point in the year

  • Competition is split into 4 parts - Aero Development, Driving, Marketing and Presentation. Full Details below

  • No prior CFD or Aero experience is required, making this project ideal for students of all experience levels

  • Only entry requirement is access to a CAD package. 

  • Entry cost is £600+VAT per student or £2500+VAT per team of up to 5 students

  • Discounts apply for entries before end of November - £500 and £2000 respectively

  • The winning team will get the unique opportunity of a 4 week work experience, led by experienced F1 Aerodynamicist and focused on developing your understanding of wind tunnel testing

  • Other prizes include driving simulator sessions at VRRC and digital subscriptions to Racecar Engineering magazine


  • Worth a maximum of 700 pts (out of a project total of 1000pts)

  • Race car CAD model from Roborace will be given to each team when they sign up

  • CFD Software login details will be given to each student to allow you to access the CFD platform via a web browser. This is a fully automated CFD process, so no prior CFD experience is required and you will be able to get started with your aerodynamic design developments straight away

  • We also provide a manual to help you understand the aerodynamic flow features and guide you in your development process

  • Each team will have 200 CFD Development runs (value £10k) to add as much performance to the car as possible - more performance means more points

  • At 3 points during the year you will have the opportunity of a Skype meeting with experienced F1 Aerodynamicist to discuss your developments and your plans for upcoming developments


  • Worth a maximum of 100 pts (out of a project total of 1000pts)

  • Each team will be invited to nominate a driver to take part in our driving competition at our end of season networking event

  • Using the professional driving simulators provided to us by Virtual Reality Racing Club and using Oculus Rift headsets, we will be running a driving competition throughout the day

  • Win through the heats to take part in the knockout phase to win maximum points

  • The winning team will not only get 100 pts, but also win a 4 hour driving simulator session at VRRC's headquarters


  • Worth a maximum of 100 pts (out of a project total of 1000pts)

  • Each team will be asked to create their own marketing platforms for their teams

  • With a focus on social media channels but with additional points for bespoke website, great images, videos etc this is your opportunity to be creative

  • Almost all motorsport programmes in the world rely heavily on marketing to provide the funding for their projects, this is your opportunity to develop a clear understanding of what it takes

  • Judged by Racecar Engineering and social media experts TB Digital, the winning team will receive a years digital subscription to Racecar Engineering magazine


  • Worth a maximum of 100 pts (out of a project total of 1000 pts)

  • At our networking event at the end of the season, each team will be tasked with delivering a short presentation, lasting no more than 10 minutes

  • The focus of this presentation will be on a key aerodynamic development that your team has made in the year. This is your opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of the key aerodynamic principles and how you have integrated them into your work through the year

  • This will be judged by an expert panel of judges from within the motorsport industry

End of Season Networking Event

  • Taking place in June 2019

  • This is an opportunity for all participating students to meet with each other as well as a range of experienced professional engineers and motorsport recruitment consultants

  • Whether you want to discuss your own career ambitions with a relevant motorsport engineer, or discuss the structure of your CV with our recruitment consultant, this is the networking event for you

  • Additionally, the final elements of the competition will take place and the winners announced

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