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About UniFi Engineering

Run by experienced F1 Engineer Tim Milne, UniFi Racing was formed in 2014 to provide students with the unique opportunity of developing their own F1 Aerodynamics package. Using our "black box" CFD process we were able to empower students with no prior CFD knowledge to develop an understanding of F1 aerodynamics and go on to work in the industry. In 2017 UniFi expanded the project to include a broader range of design and simulation fields, enabling students to  experience the full design cycle and compete with students from across the globe.

2017 also saw the formation of UniFi Consulting which offers professional consultancy services across the motorsport sector, offering a wide range of design and operation services to motorsport organisations across the world.

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Want to know more about UniFi Racing and the benefits it can bring to your Engineering Students? Drop us an email to find out more.

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